Saturday, June 6, 2009

More disagreements between NFLPA and retirees will be solved

Hall of Famer Herb Adderley and NFLPA just reached an agreement on a lawsuit and braught $26.25 million to 2,056 retired NFL players. As it is reported, this is just a start to solve the union's disagreements with the retirees.

Many retired players are upset over the disability and pension benefits they receive from the NFLPA. Smith, new head of the NFL players' union, said the settlement was "one small step" toward resolving other issues with retired players.

"From this day forward, one of the things we will be working on is to remove the word 'retired' from any group of people who play this game. We will be one team. We will have one locker room. We will speak with one voice."

Hopefull the retirees will get more benefit deserved to them.

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