Monday, November 16, 2009

Eagles RB Westbrook may retire because of two concussions

Since suffering the first concussion of his career on Oct. 26, the Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook seemed unable to keep his health out of concerns and he suffered the second concussion just in less than three weeks.

As more tests and exams were held to check his health condition, a lot began to guess if he would be able to play again this season. After all, the two-time Pro Bowl back recently turned 30 and expressed his own concerns about his long-term health. It is just not impossible that he may end his career wearing NFL jersey and start a safer style of life.

But to the Eagles, Westbrook’s leaving will be a little too early as rookie running back LeSean McCoy is still prone to rookie mistakes. Although he has made significant progress, it is just still early to have him take on greater role in Westbrook’s absence.

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