Friday, December 4, 2009

Impossible Task: 5-6Titans to beat 11-0 Colts

Winning five straight games since they changed quarterback to Vince Young, the Tennessee Titans are now thinking that they may have the chance to be the first team who beats the unbeaten Indianapolis Colts of the season, something no one would expected when Titans met Colts for the first time in this season with a 0-4 start.

But even with a winning streak of six games, it still sounds like an impossible task for the 5-6 Titans to beat 11-0 Colts. But wait, it just sounds possible for Young, who has led the Titans to 6-0 since taking the starting job, to bring the Titans another win, although Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning may not allow that to happen.

While the Colts are looking to match an NFL record with their 21st consecutive regular-season victory, the Titans are trying to win sixth straight game, have a crucial win to remain in playoff and be the first team beating Colts.

Each team has its own aces. The Colts have top quarterback Peyton Manning, and four-time Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney could wear back his Colts jersey and return to play with the team this Sunday. As for the Titans, Young has thrown for a career-high 387 yards and converted three fourth downs on the final drive, and they have the NFL’s leading rusher Chris John, who has run for 1,396 yards in the games he has played.

Impossible or possible, any kind of end of the game will be as exciting.

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