Monday, December 7, 2009

Those Impressed us most in Week 13

The number 13 should be a unlucky number for the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre did managed to help the team to keep their second winning streak of the season. And the team who beat them did not beyong many people's expectation. The Arizona Cardinals rank ninth now and I guess they themselve did not expect to win over the Rank-3 Vikings.

The Pittsburgh Steelers gave their fans a really happy surprise when they was the first team to beat the Vikings. But from then on the team was again in slide. On Sunday night, the Super Bowl Champion was beaten by one of the league's worst team: the Oakland Raiders.

And unbeaten teams keep setting records. The Colts and the Saints seem determined to meet each other in the last game and they set a record together by making this season the first to have two teams remain unbeaten this late in a season.

It has been long we have not heard much of a player in Chargers jersey and running back LaDainian Tomlinson broke the silence about the Chargers by moving to eighth on career rushing list only one week after he moved to the 10th, and becoming the fastest player to achieve 150 career touchdowns.

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