Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giants DE Umeniyora wants his starting job back

The New York Giants defensive end Osi Umeniyora is doing something childish to get his starting job back. He threatened the Giants that he would retire if they are to keep him a reserve instead of a starter.

He told radio station WFAN that he’ll "stop playing football" before he goes back to bench. Well the Giants did sit him down during last season, but they did so simply because of the player’s subpar performance. Saying that "I’m not going to be a backup player, I can promise you that," Umenyiora sounds jealous while guessing he had been unwelcomed among the Texans as the team kept giving playing time to other players “no matter how they are playing”.

"(F)or certain people, no matter what happens, they’ll never take them out of the lineup, you understand what I mean?"

As the Giants still have no plans to trade or release Umenyiora, I bet the disappointing defensive end will continue wearing his Giants jersey for the 2010 season for any possible chance to play in a game.

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