Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What if Browns have a trade with Eagles?

As Mike Holmgren’s first personnel action after joining a new team was always to make a trade for quarterback, like trading for Brett Favre after joining the Green Bay Packers and acquiring Matt Hasselbeck after moving to the Seattle Seahawks, a lot of people have been guessing what he would do with quarterback when he took over as the president of the Cleveland Browns last month.

A reasonable guess is to get a quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles because Browns’ new general manager, Tom Heckert, came from the Eagles. As McNabb would not agree to a contract extension to join the Browns, the most likely choice for Browns would be Kevin Kolb. Heckert loved Kolb when he was in Philadelphia, was responsible for drafting him and can accurately describe him to Holmgren with regard to work habits, character and, most important, his potential as a full-time starter.

What Browns would cost if they decide to trace for Kolb? It has been guessed to be Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers. Why? First of all, the first-round, the seventh overall pick would get full attention from the Eagles; and secondly, with Rogers putting on Eagles jersey, the Eagles could close the gap between them and the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles are in lack of a dominating inside player and Rogers would be the very player they are looking for.

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