Friday, March 19, 2010

Former All-Pro guard Andrew was released by Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles finally made their decision to release the former All-Pro right guard Shawn Andrews, making it clear that they are going to move on to rely on someone else who could be more reliable than Andrews.

The move on Wednesday was expected as Andrews missed the entire 2008 training camp because of depression and played in just two games over the past two seasons because of back injuries. The first-round pick in 2004 draft did offer his efforts and contributions to the Eagles but he just became expendable while the team is moving in another direction.

Andrews has been considered to be eccentric since putting on the Eagles jersey because of his interest in music and offbeat personality. He posted some videos on YouTube last summer while he was sitting out practices, and sported faux-hawk haircuts that sometimes were dyed blonde or red, and often wandered through the locker room singing out loud. He missed rookie season after breaking a leg in the season opener but managed to rebound and emerge into one of the best players at his position by making the Pro Bowl in 2006 and 2007 and winning a contract that ran through 2015. He deed has the talent in football, so he has said that he would continue playing after being released by the Eagles.

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