Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vikings fans will have to spend more on tickets

The ticket prices for one of the Minnesota Vikings’ 2010 games will be $29 to $128 and even an average seat will cost $2.40 more than last season. Brett Favre has not made his mind to wear back Vikings jersey, but the team is confident that more fans will come to buy the tickets despite the price raise.

As one of the many teams that froze ticket prices a year ago, the Vikings this year becomes the third team in the NFC North to raise tickets prices. Last season the team created a frenzy for tickets by taking the arrival of Favre. And this year, the Vikings are coming off a trip to the NFC title game and the return of Favre is still possible, so tickets may be on hot sell again.

“While we could not realistically duplicate the flat pricing structure of last season, we wanted to make the increase as minimal as possible to acknowledge the commitment of our season-ticket owners,” Vikings chief marketing officer Steve LaCroix said. “We wanted to continue one of the NFL’s lowest priced season-ticket offerings at $29 per game, while keeping nearly 9,000 tickets priced the same or less.”

The other two teams who have raised tickets prices are the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. The Detroit Lions are the only team left motionless in ticket prices.

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