Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RB Brown may be close to taking off Dolphins jersey

Having spent all the past five seasons with the Miami Dolphins, restricted free agent running back Ronnie Brown will possibly have to kiss bye his NO. 23 Dolphins jersey soon as the team is seriously considering trading him for a mid-level draft pick. And things could happen within a couple of days as Thursday is the deadline of free agent signing.

Brown was drafted by the Dolphins in 2005 as a first round pick and has had 928 rushes for 4081 yards and 31 touchdowns, with 648 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns last season. He was also selected to Pro Bowl last year. However the Dolphins still remove him from the team’s long-term plan when he became a restricted free agent in the early offseason. They offered him a first-round tender but Brown has yet to sign the offer sheet. The major reason for Dolphins to do so is that they want to trade the running back for something before he loses value completely with another injury. A mid-level draft pick is not a good price for Brown at all but it is better than nothing that they may get when Brown has to be cut instead of to be traded.

At age 28, Brown is oft-injured. If not because of the injuries, the Dolphins would no way give up a good running back as Brown. When healthy, he is one of the best backs in the league with a powerful combination of strength and speed. However, during his six-year career, he did not finish any but one season and has had three serious injuries. Some even doubt that his body will not hold up much longer. However, he is still has his value to some teams. After all, he still managed to be the most productive player in Dolphins jersey and the team’s staple on the offense line.

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