Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saints added rookie DE Sharpe to roster

Remaining undrafted when the three-day 2010 NFL draft ended on Saturday afternoon, former Texas Tech defensive end Brandon Sharpe finally received an contract offer from the New Orleans Saints on Monday, joining his former teammate in the Red Raiders, offensive guard Brandon Carter.

Actually, Sharpe was previously to be picked in the first round as the ESPN had ranked him as the 22nd best defensive end in the draft. He indeed deserves the rank with a latest school record of the most sacks in a season he made in his last college season. Having one solo sack in 2008 season, Sharpe burst out with 15 sacks in 2009 season, with four solo sacks ruing the Nebraska game. He also had four two-solo-sack games last season. Besides, the 15 sacks that totaled for a loss of 104 yards also ranked the second most on a national basis.

Sharpe and Carter are expected to make their first appearance in New Orleans Saints jerseys next week, when the team’s three-day rookie minicamp started on May 7 and ended on May 9. Both rookies will try their best to impress the coaches with hope of getting playing time in preseason and regular season.

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