Friday, April 23, 2010

Vikings still have chance to pick QB Jimmy Clausen

When everyone was expecting the Minnesota Vikings to use their 30th overall draft pick to get former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, the team surprised us by trading the first-round pick and a fourth-round pick to NFC North rival Detroit Lions to get a second-rounder and fourth-round and seventh-round picks.

What happened next was nothing we ever expected previously. The Lions did not use the 30th overall pick to draft Clausen, either, but took California running back Jahvid Best instead. Then Tim Tebow became the 25th pick drafted by the Denver Broncos, and Clausen still stayed in the draft waiting for an interested team. However, by the end of Thursday night’s first-round draft, the quarterback remained undrafted and was set to enter the second-round draft.

On the other side, the Vikings now have nine picks over the final six rounds of the draft, including eh second pick of the second round. That means Clausen still has chance to put on Vikings jersey if the team does have plan to draft someone on Friday night. What makes it more possible, the holder of the first pick in second round, the St. Louis Rams, has already taken quarterback Sam Bradford with the first overall pick and they are unlikely to add another quarterback in second round. What is going to happen really depends on what the Vikings plan to do with their quarterbacks.

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