Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Injured ankle has nothing to do with Favre’s decision

When people began to guess whether the possible surgery Brett Favre needs to have will impact what decision the quarterback may make on his playing status, Favre himself made announcement that the surgery is only to be a minor one and he still remains undecided. Can you figure out the truth? There has been definitely a decision already, but he simply keeps it wrapped up so that we can keep guessing.

If Favre really has any intention to quit, he would not have caused so much discussion by coming out from time to time to release a piece of his mind or recent health condition. It’s obvious that he still enjoys being discussed rather than get prepared for retirement. While some people give reasons for Favre to return, some others are trying best to figure out whether he keeps telling us he is undecided. One of the opinions is that Favre simply wants to avoid offseason workout. If that’s true, he could simply tell the team about this and he surely won’t be refused. It’s not necessary for him to play all these tricks whether he decides to return to retire. At age 40 and having played professional football in NFL for 19 seasons, he has earned enough honor to have the freedom of making any decision he likes.

There is a most reasonable explanation for us to keep hearing of all kinds of things about Favre: they are all deliberately designed to attract attention. He will have a surgery and will wear back the No.4 Vikings jersey and it won’t be surprising even if the decision is made in the last hour before the season opener. Get over it, because we are in offseason.

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