Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Patriots and starting quarterback Brady are near end of contract talks

The New England Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady will not give any consideration on the idea of putting on the New Orleans Saints jersey, and the recent progress in contract extension talks just made him even more determined to stay with the team, which has been the star quarterback’s only team since he was drafted as a six-round pick in 2000.

According to reports, Brady and the Patriots have made enough progress in contract extension talks that it’s possible a long-term deal to keep him in New England beyond 2010 could be completed this summer. That could be why Brady was seen on the first day of Patriots’ training camp along with the squad’s rookies. As an eleven years veteran, it’s unlikely for Brady to follow the quarterback in No.4 Brett Favre jersey to betray his long-term fans and join another team. Whatever the result of contract talks will be, Brady will continue be the Patriots starting quarterback.

However, the uncertainty surrounding the NFL’s next collective bargaining agreement decides that the new contract would be done in near future. It’s just good for Patriots fans to know that their favorite quarterback will stay with them for at least the 2010 season.

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