Thursday, September 3, 2009

Game against Steelers became first regular-season home sellout of Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals sold out one their eight regular-season home games, but it is not the season opener, but a Sept. 27 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Thousands of Steelers fans contributed to the sellout. So it will be no surprise to see more fans in steelers jerseys than those in bengals jerseys.

A lot of NFL teams have felt the pressure of the economy recession this season. The Bengals had sold out its last 44 regular-season home games, and for this season the Sept. 27 game has been the only home game to sell out, with a lot of tickets left for the Sept. 13 home opener against the Denver Broncos, the first time the Bengals have not sold out an opener since 2002.

With one winning record in the past 18 years, the Bengals are coming off 4-11-1 season and has attracted much more interest than before. Coach Marvin Lewis was believed to improve the team a lot.

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