Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jaguars RB Jones-Drew unhappy with team offense

After facing an embarrassing 41-0 loss to the Seahawks at Seattle, the Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew felt furious about how the team’s offense move on field.

“I don’t like to be embarrassed, so I do get upset about it,” Jones-Drew said. “You lead by actions. You can only say so much. You can talk to somebody until you’re blue in the face and they’re not going to do anything. But if you go out there and show why you’re upset and you try to do something to correct your mistakes, then they’ll pay attention.”

By calling himself the second-highest paid “decoy” in the league, behind New Orleans running back Reggie Bush, Jones-Drew expressed how disappointed he was with the team’s play-calling, lack of offensive identity and its constant shuffling of offensive linemen. Indeed the Jaguars’ performance in Seattle was disappointing enough to set the running back off: the team had seven three-and-out possessions, two fumbles and a failed fourth-down conversion on their final 10 drives during the game, and quarterback David Garrard was sacked four times and fumbled twice. What was more, they even received a season-high nine penalties for 73 yards.

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