Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Browns Josh Cribbs will try new role at running back

How could you describe the Cleveland Browns player Josh Cribbs? Kick returner? Wide receiver or quarterbacker? Simply putting on Browns jersey, the player just can do any job the team wants him to do. I mean what I say here, and the Browns are really considering placing Cribbs on a new position: the running back.

And some began to believe that he will do a good job in the new position. And after watching him slice through Pittsburgh’s defense, Browns Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas thinks Cribbs would be a great one.

“There’s no doubt,” Thomas said. “I think he’s too valuable to take off of kick return and punt return and special teams, but there’s no doubt in my mind, especially after seeing the things that he did that he’d be an extremely successful running back in the NFL.”

Now let’s see what Cribbs can do as a running back. During last week’s 13-6 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cribbs rushed for 87 yards and had a career-long 37-yard run to help set up Cleveland’s only touchdown and made a crucial 14-yard run on a 3rd-and-11 play in the fourth quarter when the Browns were trying to stop the rival from scoring with little time left.

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