Monday, December 14, 2009

Keeping winning, Colts set even more records

Now the Indianapolis Colts have won 22 consecutive regular-season games and 114 games in a decade, setting new NFL records by beating the Denver Broncos 28-16 on Sunday night.

And the star quarterback wearing No.18 Colts jersey managed to throw four touchdowns but was 20 of 42 for 220 yards, losing his touch after leading the Colts to touchdowns on three of its first four drives. Peyton Manning was not in good condition but the Colts still won over the Broncos, whose receiver Brandon Marshall, however, broke the league’s single-game record with 21 receptions.

The Colts were also 13-0 in 2005 but lost the three of the last four games, including a divisional playoff against the Pittsburgh Steelers. So it is still early to say the team is a must-be winner of this season.

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