Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saints made move Tuesday to improve team

After this season’s first loss, the New Orleans Saints may think that it is time to bring some changes to the team to obtain improvement. Put the injured on IR, cut the old and inactive players and bring in some fresh blood, and that is how can you describe the moves they made on Tuesday.

The most significant move was to cut kicker John Carney, who was in his 21st year of wearing NFL jersey and just signed with the Saints in August for his second stint with the team. Playing totally 11 games in Saints jersey this season, Carney had been inactive for the last two week with Garrett Hartley playing as placekicker.

The first move was to sign tight end Tory Humphrey and place fullback Marcus Mailei on injured reserve. Afterwards, the Saints signed back Kyle Eckel to replace Mailei and added safety Herana-Daze Jones to the roster with releasing cornerback Marcus McCauley, who had not played a game since joining the team on Dec. 8.

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