Thursday, December 24, 2009

WR Joshua Cribbs has been Cleveland’s MVP all season

The Cleveland Browns jerseys have been on cold sale for this season as the team lost all the first 11 games of the season, but now the No. 16 jersey has been snatched up by the Pro Football Hall of Fame this week to be put on display. All because Joshua Cribbs’ excellent performance.

Cribbs, with an inspiring rags-to-riches journey to the NFL, became the league’s career leader in kickoff returns for touchdown when he ran back two of at least 100 yards in the Browns’ 41-34 win at Kansas City last week. The versatile undrafted free agent played quarterback at Kent State, but is now a top receiver in Browns’ lineup.

Cribbs almost single-handedly carried the Browns to wins over Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers. His 100-yard return in the first quarter did not only give the Browns a 10-3 lead but also shot him past Mel Gray, Dante Hall, Ollie Matson, Gale Sayers and Travis Williams for the most TD kickoff runbacks in history. And he joined Ted Ginn Jr. to be the only players with two 100-yarders in one game with a career-best 103-yarder after the Chiefs scored 21 straight points in the second period to go up 24-13.

So, it is time for the Browns to consider signing with Cribbs as soon as possible before his price rise after giving more and better performance.

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