Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steelers safety Polamalu practiced but may not play Sunday

The Pittsburgh Steelers star safety finally showed some possibility of returning as he practiced in a limited role Wednesday, for the first time in seven weeks. But it still seemed unlikely that he would be able to put on his Steelers jersey to play this Sunday’s season finale against the Miami Dolphins.

Polamalu has missed 10 full games and most of two others with a pair of left knee injuries. He hasn’t played since Nov. 15 when the Steelers were playing against the Cincinnati Bengals because of a sprained posterior cruciate ligament.

Calling his current layoff “frustrating”, Polamalu said only a few days of practice is not enough for him to get fully prepared for a full game since he had missed such a long time. What is more, his knee is still healing and has not allowed him to run at close to full speed. While practicing, the safety still appeared tentative.

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