Friday, May 14, 2010

Reasons for Favre drama to continue with popularity

Although we are surrounded with Brett Favre news every year and every offseason when other players make little appearance, we just never get fed up with it. Favre do similar things on an annual basis, and each time there are a lot of media members offering what he needs to attract attentions.

While Brett Favre is enjoying the public attentions paid to him, the public and media are also enjoy hearing and creating more about the 40-year-old man. Admit it, we actually like to know whether he will return or retire in 2010. Even though things remain intriguing until the last moment, we just like to discuss about it. It’s not only the Vikings coaches and Favre’s teammates, but also we the news readers, who are willing to offer Favre enough time for making a simple decision. Many of us actually do not care whether Brett Favre jersey will appear on field again, but just have nothing else interesting enough to discuss about.

The only people that really care for Favre’s playing status could be the Vikings players and coaching staff, who need to know that information to carry out their plan for the new 2010 season. However, with or without Favre, they will still play and try their best to win as many games as they can. So, it’s only for fun to watch an annual Favre drama, just enjoy it.

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