Monday, May 17, 2010

Brett Favre considers Rodgers his qualified replacement in Packers

A lot of fans for the Green Bay Packers turned to Brett Favre haters after the quarterback announced retirement in 2008 but joined the New York Jets later. They hated Favre even more when Favre announced retirement again in 2009 but then put on the Minnesota Vikings jersey and beat his former team twice during the regular season. However, as a former 16-year Packers quarterback, Favre himself has never been a Packers hater.

As an NFL player, Favre knows well what choice is for his own good. He also knows well what trait an excellent quarterback should have. He sees those traits with Aaron Rodgers, who replaced Favre to become the starting quarterback for the Packers. Although he did not managed to win any game against the team led by Favre during the 2009 season, his toughness and work ethic impressed the former starter very much. Favre used to tell his friend that he thought Rodgers did a great job since taking the starting job and would have more brilliant career if he keeps working in the way he worked as a backup for Favre.

Favre and Rodgers have a lot of things in common and one of them is that both quarterbacks like hiding pains of injuries until they finished their job at last. Favre used to keep silent on his biceps tendon injury during his tenure with the Jets, and recently Rodgers admitted that he played through pains during the 2009 season but did not report the injury to the league. So Favre could be right in predicting Rogers to be the next star quarterback in Packers. But it is still unlikely to happen as long as his predecessor still makes legends in different styles of Brett Favre jersey.

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