Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adults should also learn risks of text-driving

Previously, most of us think the teenagers were the major target of anti-text-driving lessons, but recently researches told us that adults should also take these lessons to make sure they can live as long as they want, there are actually more adults than teens who text or talking on phone while driving.

The study released on Friday said that 47 percent of adults who text reported sending or reading texts while behind the wheel, while only 34 percent of 16- and 17-year-olds who send texts said that they did that while driving. The study also found that adults are much more likely to chat on their phones while driving and about 75 percent of them talked while driving. 52 percent of teenagers wit cell phones admitted they did that. However, the study did not point out how many adults and teenagers told the truth.

Nowadays, people seem to be occupied with phone talks too much and distraction caused by conversation on cell phones or text messages exchanging has become serious social problems. It’s no harm to exchange opinions on others’ new versions of Saints jerseys, but please make sure your focus is on driving or walking whenever you have a call or a message. Nothing is more urgent than living a safe life, and you should be alive to deal with anything important or not.

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