Friday, June 18, 2010

It’s time to make a plan of being wealthy

Young time passes away fast and at twenties, we are at an edge of either continuing to live an average life or taking every possible chance to become rich. Skip my blog if your goal is just to finish your life peacefully and safely. If you want to earn a comfortable living, here are several suggestions for you.

First of all, take your current job seriously. You may think your job is boring and give you little benefit but it is all because you are not making use of it. As long as you get paid for what you do, it’s a good job for you to do. My first job is to sell Archie Manning jerseys. It’s not easy because Archie Manning is a retired NFL player and he never made it to Super Bowl during his NFL career. I had to do a lot of things to let as many people know about my shop and get them interested in my products. I used to complain and think of quitting for new job but a conversation with a friend changed my mind.

He told me to make some investments. While I expressed my worries about risks in investing, he said that investing was like a bill and suggested me divide all my spare money into 12 parts and send one part to investment account each month. The suggestion worked well as I then began to have a gradually increased amount of money in my investment account, even if the benefit was not much, it was also a good way to force me to save money regularly. Another suggestion from this friend was that I should not spend what I’ve not earned. One penny saved is one penny earned, but if you spend money before you earn it in real sense, you will have to keep paying back debts and never save enough money for things you really want.

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