Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coffee was discovered to be good for our health

This is definitely good news to coffee addicts, just as the news of Brett Favre’s return good for all NFL quarterbacks to those Brett Favre jerseys lovers. While it’s hard to estimate how much Favre’s return would influence on other quarterbacks’ NFL career, there are several researches supporting the idea of coffee being a healthy drink.

The No.1 benefit of drinking coffee is that it can reduce the risk of head and neck cancer. A recent research showed that those who drank an estimated four or more cups a day had significantly fewer cancers of the mouth and throat than non coffee drinkers. The researchers also found that coffee contains more than a thousand chemicals, some of which have abilities to fight against certain diseases, but it’s not found yet which parts of coffee carrying the properties.

Another study claimed that coffee is good for our brains. The study was done by neuroscientists at the University of Lisbon and it showed that drinking coffee can help to prevent the neural degeneration associated with brain disorders and aging. So the energizing brew is also a good medicine to prove our memory.

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