Monday, June 28, 2010

Work at home as a designer

Many people are dreaming of earning money at home without having to get up early for work and having breaks only at weekends. But many designers are already living such a comfortable life and still earn a good salary from $50,000 to $60,000. Here are introductions of two most popular designing jobs: interior designer and graphic designer.

Interior designer is a job combining principles of art, architecture and spatial planning and is obviously a harder job than designing Minnesota Vikings jersey, but that’s also why the job is much higher paid. To make building interiors both functional and aesthetically pleasing, an interior designer has to spend a lot of time on designing. After all, a house is unlike a dress and cannot be destroyed for re-designing.

Another designing job seems easier to do and it’s called graphic designer. Such a designer works to create advertisements, brochures, logos, and other communications materials for clients, so it’s somewhat cleaner than interior designing. Such a job requires you to be a major in graphic design. It’s not necessary to be hard as you can just do it with associate's degree and or certificate as long as you learn the skill well and have some talents in designing.

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