Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giants’ rookie safety Jones could quit football

The New York Giants rookie safety Chad Jones was reported to be impossible for his rookie NFL season. After being severely injured in a car accident on Friday, his left leg, ankle and foot are in bad condition now and unlikely to recover for football games, but he could still start a sport career as a baseball player.

According to Jones’ agent, Rocky Arceneaux, Jones was an elite baseball prospect and used to play pitcher/outfielder on LSU’s College World Series winning team in 2009, and playing baseball would put less stress on Jones’ injured leg than playing football, so it’s very possible for Jones to make a stellar career still by playing baseball. But if Jones really turns to baseball, he would have to repay the $848,000 signing bonus he received from the Giants.

"I’m optimistic (of a 2011 return)," Arceneaux told the Gannett News Service. "I would like to hope so. He’s such a great athlete. I think if anybody could pull it off and come back from this, it would be Chad.”

Jones’ father, Al Jones has a similar optimistic attitude toward his son’s future. While acknowledging that the healing process is going to take a long time, he believes that everything is positive right now and he will fine even if his son will no longer have chance to put on his beloved Vikings jersey to play football again.

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