Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Broncos rookie WR Decker expects contract before training camp

The Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker has not yet received a contract from the team since being picked from the third round of 2010 NFL draft, but he has already being preparing for the training camp by taking part in a star-studded camp held by Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

It’s reasonable for Broncos to hesitate in signing Decker, because the rookie injured his left foot in a game against Ohio State in October. It was a Lisfranc injury that means the ligament holding the first two toes is torn and the rehabilitation usually takes a long time and with no guarantees of recovery. That is to say, Decker may have to struggle with the injury all through his NFL career. Since the rookie is always being positive about his job and working hard to improve, the Broncos have taken it easy with him so far.

Decker wears a Brett Favre jersey to participate in the Fitzgerald camp and receives lessons from Hall of Famers Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice. He said that he felt lucky for being invited and given the chance to learn from the star players. He is highly expecting a contract from the Broncos before the training camp. If he does not receive one, it could be even harder for him to find a new job with another NFL team.

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