Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eagles QB Vick was absent from public celebrations

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been unavailable to any other public celebrations since the shooting happened after his 30th birthday party last week. While he has not been cleared for being innocent, he seems determined to avoid any more troubles.

According reports, there should have been an “All White” celebration on Sunday in Washington, D.C. and Vick was expected to appear for the even in a No.4 Brett Favre jersey. However, he did not appear and the participants were informed that the party was canceled. Vick has to be careful at the moment, because there have been a lot of reports saying that the Eagles were considering releasing him if he caused more troubles off the field.

It’s hard for Vick to have a job in the league. When he was just released from the prison, no team but the Eagles made the bold move to offer him a contract. Although Vick used to say that he dislikes being a backup role with team, he still chose to stay there because the Eagles could still be the only team that is currently willing to give a job.

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