Friday, July 17, 2009

Cowboys QB Romo does endorsement video spoof

The Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, like Peyton Manning, is possibly to become a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He also resembles Manning by having some similar thespian accomplishments.

The famous Dallas Cowboys quarterback is starring in an online video spoof, endorsing a few tongue-in-cheek items. It smacks of Manning being the tongue-in-cheek pitchman for many products, which earned him a guest-host gig on “Saturday Night Live.” He used to wear football jerseys on the video.

In Romo’s video, he tells that a lot of people might not know he has endorsed some “50,000” products—including gasoline that tastes like chocolate and chocolate tasting like gasoline. He also says that the only real product he pitches is athletic apparel made by the video’s sponsor, Starter.

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