Thursday, August 13, 2009

Houston’s top draft pick Cushing will miss preseason opener against KC

A sprained knee will prevent Houston’s top draft pick, linebacker Brian Cushing to play in Saturday’s preseason opener against Kansas City and the second preseason game.

Coach Gary said no one knew when Cushing was injured, but the pain began on Tuesday night and Cushing had to be taken for an MRI. During Wednesday practice, Cushing just watched both workouts while wering a brace on his knee.

“It’s no big deal,” Cushing said. “It’s a knee sprain. We’ll move forward and I’ll keep getting the mental notes and I’ll be healthy soon.”

As the 15th overall pick in the draft and four-year starter at Southern California, Cushing was expected to start at outside linebacker for the Texans. Now he will have to wear a brace for two to four days to reduce swelling before he begins rehabilitation. There is really not much time for him to be fully prepared before the Houston’s second preseason game against New Orleans. The Texans have planned to have Zac Diles take over Cushing’s spot.

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