Saturday, June 12, 2010

What do to if you don’t feel like working?

Sometimes you find yourself hard to focus on your job and just feel like having a break. But there are still a lot of works waiting for you and you seem always busy but achieving very little. You are really in trouble with yourself and just become even more upset when you are trying hard to bring your focus back.

At this moment, the most important thing is to relax. Sporting your Archie Manning jersey and have some physical activities before diving into the work. No matter how important your job is, it’s never more important than yourself. We can hardly find anyone loves ourselves deeply, but we can at least love ourselves more than others do. Keep yourself in good mood and the keep your job good. If yourself is in a mess, nothing around you could go in good order. Sports can help your body relax from nervous condition and make it less stiff. Sweating and giving off heat will make you feel like loading off pressures. Come home to have a shower and you whole being will be a new one with fresh spirit to work better.

Then you may need a good sleep. Never sacrifice your sleep time for anything. You are easier to make mistake if you lack sleep because you brain without enough rest will refuse to work hard for you. You really should learn something from your body, striking whenever it feels dissatisfied. It does not mind how important any other things are, but to itself, good condition is most important for its work.

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